Mapping Britain's Transport Heritage

The Our Transport Heritage programme commemorates Britain's rich and globally important legacy in the development of transport. Our aim is to present a comprehensive overwiew for each site, in a way that will attract a new and wider audience.

Almost all of the nine hundred sites detailed can be readily visited and inspected. Many represent an extraordinary technical or engineering leap from the then recieved wisdom, and are a source of pure wonder.

To be listed on the Our Transport Heritage website, the building(s), artefacts or general site has to be shown to have special value within their general category; for architectural reasons; as an illustration of progress in social or economic history; as involving technological innovations; for their associations with particular individuals or events; or for their group value.

Progressively, the most significant of these locations will be marked by erecting a Transport Trust Heritage Plaque on the physical site. You can use the extensive search functions within this website to locate these sites of greatest significance.

This programme links with, and takes advice from, national and local historians, industrial archaeologists and other experts, and historical societies. It is funded by The Transport Trust, an educational charity.