Heritage Locations

Barford Bridge

A 17 arch bridge over the river Ouse, dating from the early 15th century. It is a scheduled Ancient Monument and is listed Grade I.

Bromham Bridge, Bedfordshire

A long medieval crossing of the Great Ouse substantially rebuilt in the 19th century.

Cardington Airship Works

Cardington Airship Works - No. 1 Hangar

The only in situ example of an airship hangar to have survived from the pre-1918 period.

Cranfield Airport and University

This early RAF station with pre WWII control tower is an operational base for classic aircraft, and the site of a commercial airport and a University.

Harrold Bridge, Bedfordshire

An extended crossing of the Great Ouse flood plane consisting of a main section of six arches, a second of nine and a causeway of 20, originating in the 12th century. It is listed Grade II*