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Blackstone Edge Roman Road

A two mile section of well preserved Roman road climbing steeply above Littleborough.


Period of construction:
0000 - 999

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Littleborough Railway Station, OL15 8AR

OL15 8AR

Nearest Town:

Heritage Centre:

This section of a Roman road belongs to an artery which ran from the fort and settlement of Manchester (Mamucium) in the south to a small fort at Ilkley (Verbeia) in the north. This preserved surface is in outstanding condition. It consists of accurately cut cobbles set close to each other. Unusually the road surface incorporates a carved stone drainage gulley in its surface, together with the common practice of cambering the road to run water into drainage ditches at the sides. The road is up to 6 metres across and can be traced in the landscape for some 2 miles.


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Opening Times:
Visible at all times.

How To Find:
By Road: Six miles north east of Rochdale, on the A58 to Halifax, it climbs steeply away eastward.


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