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Crigglestone and Horbury Viaducts

Within a mile of one another, these two viaducts are on the closed Midland line built in 1905 to shorten the distance to Bradford from the south, and to avoid Leeds. Both are listd Grade II.


Period of construction:
1900 - 1949

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Crigglestone Viaduct, Calder Grove, Crigglestone, WF4 3EG


Nearest Town:

Heritage Centre:

In order to shorten its route to Scotland after completing the Settle & Carlisle line, the Midland Railway built a cut-off south of Nottingham which avoided Leicester, and started a line to run from a point on its main line from Sheffield to Bradford, avoiding Leeds. The high cost prevented completion of more than half of this line which terminated with a junction with the Lancashire & Yorkshire south of Dewsbury.

Some express passenger trains used this route relying on the LYR metals for the northern half. These included a Bradford - Sheffield express from 1909 - 1946, and the Bradford - St Pancras 'Yorkshireman' in the 1920/30s. The final section of line closed in August 1968.

Crigglestone Viaduct is 390 m long with 21 arches and is 25 m (80 ft) high. It is built of brick.

Horbury Viaduct is about one mile north and slightly smaller.

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Opening Times:
Both are visible and a walking trail covers part of the line, the Chevet Permissive Bridleway.

How To Find:

By road: Crigglestone Viaduct is visible from the A636 south of Wakefield. Horbury Viaduct is not far from the Calder & Hebble Canal at the Horbury Bridge crossing on the A642.



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