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Holywell Junction Station

The best of the stations on the Chester & Holyhead Railway, designed by Francis Thompson.

Francis Thompson

Period of construction:
1800 - 1849

Transport Trust plaque:

Transport Mode:

Flint Station, Market Square, Flint, CH6 5PG


Nearest Town:

Heritage Centre:

Holywell Junction Station is considered the best of Francis Thompson's stations on the Chester & Holyhead Railway. Built in 1848, it resembles an elegant Italian villa. Francis Thompson was also responsible for the stations at Bangor Flint, Mostyn, Bodorgan, Valley, Aber and Prestatyn.

Holywell Junction Station was built on the main line to connect with Holywell town, a small town in Flintshire. It was served by a short branch line. The line was opened by the LNWR in 1912 and closed to passengers in 1954 and to goods traffic in 1957. The line, with a gradient of 1 in 27, was the steepest adhesion worked passenger carrying line in the country. Because of the gradient all trains were propelled up the branch.

Today the line is a footpath and cycleway.The station, Listed Grade II*,closed in 1966 and is now a private house. (See also entries for Audley End Station and Chester Station)


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Opening Times:
Visible from a road overbridge and the railway, but in private occupation.

How To Find:
By road: Off A545, from Greenfield take north turn and at the point where the road crosses the main railway line, the house is visible on the left on the south side of the tracks.

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